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Why Choose Us?

At Big H, we believe there’s only one way to do it: THE RIGHT WAY. Our job is to make sure you get the correct parts you need to keep your Bricklin reliable and fun to drive. If you’re looking to get your Bricklin into the best shape that it has ever been in, you’ve come to the right place. We are conveniently located in beautiful St. Louis Missouri, The Gateway To The West.

Bricklin Experts

40 years of mechanical & restoration experience with 25 years of auto body experience, ASE certified master technician and Ford senior master tech.

Latest Technology

We use the latest technologies to bring your Bricklin into the modern day, including air systems, keyless remote doors & hatch release, cruise control, and more.

Award Winning Restorations

We’ve built a number of award winning restorations including the the only Bricklin SV1 to receive an AACA Grand National Award.  Our restorations have also recieved multiple Bricklin Grand National Awards.


Better Performance

If you are looking for better performance, handling, and braking – we can do that.  World class handling and performance in air-conditioned comfort is just a call away.


  • 2017 AACA Senior First Place
  • 2018 AACA Grand National First Place
  • 2018 Bricklin Grand National Best of Show Semi-Stock
  • 2019 Bricklin Grand National Best of Show Semi-Stock
  • 2019 Bricklin Grand National Best of Show Modified
  • 2019 Bricklin Grand National John Rowe Award Longest Distance 
  • 2019 Bricklin Grand National Gold Award


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Bricklins On The Concours At The 2021 Celebration Exotic Car Festival

Malcolm Bricklin in Bowling Green with car enthusiasts at the Corvette museum 2021

Bricklin Suspension Restoration

NCM Track Video In A Bricklin SV1 And A C8 Corvette Stingray

Bricklin Meet 2021 At Bowling Green



Air Door Conversion & Upgrades

Air Door systems are the most reliable power door system for your gull wing doors.  

Air door control panel offers seamless door operation at a faster open/close rate than the original unreliable hydraulic system.  Air power cushions and protects the doors from shock loads (speed bumps and driving with the doors open). Our door control panel integrates the door latch solenoids into the panel with the up/down solenoids for each door.  Extremly low electrical consumption ensures that even with a low battery your doors will open. Easy to reach door rate controls are on top.  Modern leak free components ensure your car is ready to go even after being parked for extended periods.

Air latch conversion system offers quicker, stronger latch releases that eliminate door opening failure.  This system eliminates the original latch solenoids and the faulty solenoid wiring without changing the “original look” of your Bricklin.  The weight of the 1960’s technology solenoids alone can cause door damage. A low battery can cause latch failure that may result in a bent door. The high electrical load just to open the door with the original hydrualic system can run the battery down.

Lightweight air tank!  Using an easy to mount lightweight, modern technology aluminum air tank with a water drain valve is the only way to go.  This is a 25lb weight reduction over the old steel air tanks.  An emergency tire inflation valve is conveniently located behind the license plate.

Avoid overpressure danger of other air systems.  Our air system includes an overpressure safety valve.  Older systems have no safety pressure relief valve.

Avoid the rust problems from the old style 31-pound air tanks that were first installed on Bricklins.   Much easier to mount than twin tank systems.

Air compressor kits   Install or upgrade to a state of the art air compressor kit. The kit includes new “quiet cushion” compressor mounts, compressor relay/pressure regulator, wiring, auto-reset circuit breaker, remote filter kit and covered  easy to view over-ride switch.

Tire inflation kit is available with our air system. The Bricklin SV1 has no spare tire or any type of tire inflation capability. The inflation hose simply plugs into the air system  to conveniently inflate a low tire (if the air system is installed).

  • Instructions included with all air system kits.
  • Tech Support Available, just call.
Suspension Restoration & Upgrades

Download “How To Get World Class Handling From Your Bricklin” Tech Article

Sagging and crumbling rubber bushings can cause ride height and handling problems.

Replace the suspension bushings with urethane bushings that will not rot or age like the original rubber ones while retaining “the original look”.

Replace any worn suspension parts:  Upper ball joints, lower ball joints, idler arm, tie rods and sleeves.  (The upper ball joints and idler arms wear out first)

Tighten up the suspension with correct modern technology shock absorbers.  

Stabilizer bar upgrade:  Replace the insufficient front stabilizer/anti-roll bar with the only bar made specifically for the 1974-1976 Bricklin SV1.   Increase traction, improve cornering, & eliminate dangerous over-steer. Give your Bricklin world-class handling.

Keyless Remote Doors & Hatch

Modernize your Bricklin without changing the “original look” with a keyless remote door/hatch/alarm system.

The ultimate cool factor with a Bricklin is remote control doors.  

Open one or both doors with one push on the key FOB Remote.  

Stop fumbling around with the keys and the outside buttons.  Open and close the doors from a distance.

Add Remote Hatch Release to make that trip to the store an excuse to drive the Bricklin.

No more opening the driver’s door and pulling the hatch release cable with your hands full of shopping bags.

Have the security of a modern High Tech Alarm system in your classic car that also has anti-car jacking capabilities.

Installation instructions included.

Radiator Upgrade

Give your Bricklin’s cooling system the best upgrade possible with a modern Aluminum high efficiency 3-row aluminum radiator built to fit directly into your SV1. These lightweight Aluminum radiators are coated to eliminate the mineral deposits that destroy factory style radiators.


We offer a complete selection of stock & performance engine parts for both the AMC 360 engine and the Ford 351W engine.

Mechanical, fuel system, ignition system parts available.

Cooling System

Fan Clutch upgrade for 1975-76 351W engines: Original fan clutches engage at fully at 210 degrees. Our fan clutch engages at 180 degrees.

Fan clutch & fan conversion for 1974 AMC 360 engines:

  • Free up horsepower
  • Eliminate annoying flex fan noise
  • Improve engine cooling

High efficiency Aluminum water pumps also available on both 351W and 360 engines.

Heater Water Valves
And more…

Air Conditioning

A/C Upgrade kit: Get your Bricklin Air Conditioner working like a modern car!

  1. Replace the leaky A/C compressor front seal.  See our instructional video on Youtube.
  2. Stop hot engine compartment air from entering through the steering column.
  3. Block hot outside air from the cowling leak at the fan housing.
  4. Stop the blast of hot air from the failed parking brake boot.  See our instructional video on Youtube.

A/C upgrade Kit includes:

  • Steel Parking Brake Boot kit.
  • Steering column hot air sleeve kit.
  • Air intake to fan housing weather-strip seal.
  • Evaporator to fan box connection kit.

Upgrade to the A/C automatic engagement/full throttle cutoff system:

  • Get maximum power when passing automatically.
  • Prevents A/C engagement during engine cranking.
  • Increases A/C compressor life.

Note: We recommend using the original air condition compressor, replacing the front seal, use R12 refrigerant or 12A refrigerant only (call us for details). Do not use R134A refrigerant. It will leak out of the original hoses. R134A is not compatible with the original compressor, and the original lubricant. The original condenser works poorly with R134A refrigerant.


Aftermarket radio with bluetooth kits. Instructions included.

Brake lamp switch

Blower upgrade kits w/high relay

Dimmer switch

Dome lights(original style)

Dome light bezel(original style)

Door ajar switches



Headlamp relay kits (preserves the headlamp switch)

Light bulbs

LED interior lamp upgrade kits

Outside keylock switch with key

Original radio upgrades



12v power plug kits that keep the original look (with or without USB port)

And much more…

Cruise Control

Install cruise control that looks like it came on the car.  

Our pinpoint accurate electronic cruise control hides from view in the left front fender.

Includes a period correct looking turn signal lever with integrated control switches.  

Installation instructions included.


Carpet kits (original brown or black)
Heat & road noise insulation kits

Speakers that accept original covers
Sound & heat insulation
Floor mats
Shifter bezels
Interior panels & trim (call for availablity)


Upgrade to the new leak free door weather strip seal. No more air leaks no more water

Replacement Body Panels
Body side moldings

Weather strip
Revised hatch glass seals


Regulators (upgraded)
Side & rear glass *

*Call for pricing & availability


Brake booster rebuilding 

Brake hoses

Brake rotors

Brake drums

Brake hardware

Caliper Rebuilding

Front brake pad upgrade (semi-metallic)

Master cylinder

Rear brake shoes

Synthetic brake fluid

Wheel cylinders

Wheels & Tires

Reconditioned Wheels

  • Clear coated
  • Clear coated spoke area
  • Bare aluminum (original factory style)


  • B.F. Goodrich 235/60R15 Raised White Letters (exact metric match to original size FR60-15)
  • Firestone Wide Oval Radial FR60-15 period correct for AACA judged Bricklins

Overdrive Transmission

1975-76 AOD conversion kits. Complete transmissions & installation kits.

Call 314-892-4694 for pricing and availability.

Original Transmission

FMX transmission parts

727 transmission parts

727 shift improver kits and high RPM governor kits

& Much More

Hood blankets

Blower upgrade kits w/high relay

Headlamp relay kits (preserves the headlamp switch)

Brighter headlamps

Steering Column Hot Air Entry Elimination Kits

Side Sun Shades  & Sun Visor Geometry Kits

Hatch Striker Pin Upgrade (to keep hatch from popping open)

12V power plug kits (that keep the “original look”)

Speaker kits (can re-use original covers)

Rear axle parts

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